SEIKO Boutique

本店是1881年創業的SEIKO(精工)在全世界展開的國內第一間「精工專賣店」。體現SEIKO過百年的制表歷史以及其革新與簡練的精神。本店聚集了以追求腕表本質的Grand Seiko為首,GPS衛星定位腕錶ASTRON,深受女性歡迎的LUKIA等系列,展現SEIKO「不斷向前,觸動人心」的願景。

This is the first Seiko Boutique in Japan. Founded in 1881, Seiko is one of the few fully integrated watch manufacturers. The Seiko Boutique offers the opportunity to discover Seiko’s more than 100 year watchmaking tradition and Seiko’s spirit of “innovation and refinement.” Displayed in the Boutique are a wide variety of Seiko collections incorporating the high technology for which Seiko is famous; in addition, visitors can see Grand Seiko, demonstrating the pursuit of the essence of watchmaking. The Boutique represents the slogan, “Seiko. Moving Ahead. Touching Hearts.”