Sep 19


  • 大膽地使用BRIGHT彩色以及數碼的印刷,表現品牌的美學的MSGM(M S G M)今年迎接品牌創立10周年。

    MSGM, with artistic expressions of the digital world and a kaleidoscope of colours, celebrates 10th Anniversary of brand. In the year, MSGM open a store with new concept by introducing Women, Men and Kids.

    OPEN: 9/12(星期四)
    樓層 3F

  • 在1817年有創業的米蘭屈指可數的歷史的pasutitchieria"COVA"誇耀優秀的產品和服務,高雅的空間,職人技和創造性。在咖啡廳,包括經典的濃縮咖啡以及卡布奇諾在內,到午餐以及下午茶,aperitibo,到所有時間可以靈活使用。另外,巧克力箱的禮物收集充實,特別從19世紀起被傳下來的食譜的panetone是聖誕節的象徵性的存在。

    Founded in 1817, Cova is one of Milan's oldest pasticceria and cafes, welcoming guests with their signature pastries, coffee, iconic panettone and aperitivos in bespoke interiors. Cova offers various opportunities with signature espresso and cappuccino, from lunch time to an aperitivo via tea time to enjoy series of fresh cakes including original sacher torte and tasty mimosa. Furthermore, Cova offers the gift collection of Chocolate with refined package, jarred collection, Coffee and Teas. Expressly Cova panettone is the quintessence of the Milanese festive season and symbol of the convivial art of eating together. Jealously guarded since the beginning of the 19th century, Cova Panettone’s recipe has been passed secretly from generation to generation. Made by hand using superior natural ingredients, this rich sweet bread boasts a classic golden hue.

    OPEN: 9/12(星期四)
    樓層 3F

  • 意大利發信的女子的服飾品牌"強音強音。"
    設計的學經驗豐富的jiada·強音和商務的哥哥的保羅·強音的異母兄弟在各種各樣的城市靈活地運用奢侈的Made in Italy的食材,熟練工輪船,發表不在時代被囚於的敏感,溫柔的收集。
    GINZA SIX店在亞洲是變得首次的時裝店。因為也銷售GINZA SIX限定項目所以請一定順路去。

    “forte_forte” is the Italian ladies fashion brand. Giada & Paolo Forte launched the brand after different experiences in Italy and abroad. It's a collection of timeless , feminine and delicate pieces, produced with the finest Italian fabrics enriched with special finishes and precious hand-made details. GINZA SIX boutique is the first store in Asia. There will be also GINZA SIX exclusive items. Please enjoy the world of forte_forte.

    OPEN: 9/6(星期五)
    樓層 3F

  • 傳統風格天氣服裝是從橡膠拉外套在1974年起動的英國蘋果機公司的品牌,并且正發布讓以外衣為中心現在感到英國的傳統和現在的心情的收集。

    Traditional Weatherwear was launched in 1974 by MACKINTOSH which originated to produce rubberized outerwear. Today Traditional Weatherwear is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand known for its signature quality outerwear, uniting British heritage with casual design.

    OPEN: 8/30(星期五)
    樓層 5F

  • ReFa在"解放美容"的展望下是建議不被人以已有的範圍看待的新的美容習慣的品牌。找到甚至時間和地方和性別超出的還不看的美容的高興,擴展可能性。正展開在那個人本來以從把美容機器跟化妝品的技術組合起來的"UNITED BEAUTY"的概念出生的項目為中心有的生命力溢出來的去,好像抽出呼吸和做的美的商品。

    ReFa envisions Beauty Liberation as the introduction of a new beauty routine that exceeds conventional skincare approaches with truly revolutionary products. Our concept of United Beauty combines beauty devices with cutting-edge technology and skincare products in order to generate excitement among all ages and genders. As a brand, we are promising an unprecedented experience that reawakens the beauty pulsating through every inch of your body.

    OPEN: 8/30(星期五)
    樓層 B1F



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